“Leviathan’s Latent Dimensions: Measuring State Capacity for Comparative Political Research” (With Jonathan Hanson). (Link)
State Capacity Dataset 1960-2010 (with Jonathan Hanson) - Available by request 

Minister Database: Benin and Ghana 1991-2013 - Available by request

Civil Servant Survey in Benin and Ghana 2013-2014 - Coming soon



“Patronage and Productivity: How Party System Institutionalization Promotes State Capacity in African Democracies.” 

Working Papers:

"Democracy for All: Conceptualizing and Measuring Egalitarian Democracy" (with Staffan I. Lindberg), Political Science Research and Methods ​(Forthcoming)


"Beyond Sequencing: State Capacity Types and Regime Outcomes" (with Steven Lloyd Wilson)
“Which Jobs for Which Boys? Patronage for Political Finance (Under Review)

Rachel Sigman

“Continuity and Change in Ghana's Public Service" (with Daniel Appiah and E.K. Sakyi)
“State Capacity and World Bank Project Success” (With Jonathan Hanson). Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL April 2014. 


"The Determinants of Government Program Success: A conjoint experiment with government employees in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda" (with Adam Harris and Brigitte Seim)