Rachel Sigman


                        Parties, Political Finance and Governance in Africa:

                   Extracting Money and Shaping States in Benin and Ghana

One of the major challenges for the advancement of democratic governance is that ruling

parties regularly extract money from the state to fund their electoral campaigns and gain political

advantages over their opponents. But how, and with what consequences, do party leaders control

and access state funds to finance their political operations? This book explains how incumbent

leaders extract money from the state in different ways depending on the political party institutions 

that surround them. Different modes of extraction, in turn, shape patterns of state politicization and,

more broadly, the ability of state institutions to effectively implement public policies.

Journal Articles

"Varieties of Connections, Varieties of Corruption: Evidence from Bureaucrats in Five Countries" (with Adam Harris, Jan Meyer Sahling, Kim Sass Mikkelsen, Christian Schuster, and Brigitte Seim) Governance, early view..

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Chapters in Edited Volumes

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Under Review

“The Organizational Determinants of Honesty in the Public Service” (with Jan Meyer Sahling Kim Sass Mikkelsen, Christian Schuster and Brigitte Seim) 


Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Dataset v6, v7, v8, v9, v10, v11, v12 (with Michael Coppedge et. al) 

State Capacity Dataset v1 (with Jonathan Hanson)

Policy Papers and Analysis

"How Ghana's Economic Crisis is Reshaping its Democracy" (with George Bob-Milliar), Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, December 1, 2022.

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Will ‘Ghana First’ Protests Threaten a U.S. Military Agreement?” Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, April 3, 2018

Civil service management practices for a more motivated, committed and ethical public service in Ghana (with Valeriya Mechkova, Christian Schuster, Jan Meyer Sahling and Kim Sass Mikkelsen). Report prepared for the Ghana Public Services Commission, January 2018 

Other Academic Publications

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